Monday, December 17, 2012

Mitsouko Vintage EDT Review

For the past week (off and on), I've been wearing the vintage version of Mitsouko in EDT form. Many bloggers talk about the vintage versions of many classics being much better than the current formulations of classics. This probably is true to a degree but I'm new to testing vintage versions of anything. Deneuve is a long discontinued perfume, so there is no modern formulation that I can compare it to.

I've had somewhat of a difficult time with the vintage version of Mitsouko. Even though (by reading blogs) that vintage versions of anything can smell like nail polish remover in the beginning, I didn't exactly get that. Upon first application, I had thought it was the 'unscented' lotion that was the problem. It was not my lotion that was the issue, it was the vintage version's age that was talking. As time slowly dragged on, I started to get the Mitsouko that I was familiar with. But I did have to refresh my memory of the current version EDT form of Mitsouko to understand the vintage version a little better. There is a little more depth in the vintage EDT of Mitsouko than in the current version in the EDT. The vintage EDT of Mitsouko does last a somewhat longer in the vintage version than the current version. At the end of the wearing, I do prefer the current EDP version than any other version at this point.

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