Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dior Diorella EDT Review

Diorella is one of those perfumes that I am having a hell of a time describing for no apparent reason. Usually, I can describe most perfumes and my impressions but Diorella is different. I get a strong citrus note that gives the impression of sucking on lemons then the lemons seem to be half rotten. I don't much care for a dominant citrus note in any perfume. If citrus is blended in very well, then I don't much mind it but Diorella has a big citrus note that doesn't seem to be well blended into the rest of the perfume.

I do get a chypre vibe to Diorella but it's not enough for me to get past the marginal kind of like part. Citrus seems to override every aspect of the perfume and I just can't smell past the citrus.

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