Monday, December 8, 2014

A Lazy Bum

I have been a lazy bum for the past year or so with trying new perfumes and when I do, they are not exactly the latest release. The perfume I might be trying out is new to me though because it's impossible for me to keep up with the latest releases. But my whole thing has been getting back up bottles, getting vintages and trying to use up what I have before I add anything new. And the only bottle that I am having any success with using up is my 3 year old bottle of no 5 in EDP form. It's because I do have a back up EDP bottle along with a backup EDT bottle. Now, if I could really get a move on with my 3 bottles of Mitsouko (current formulation). But Mitsouko requires a certain mood to be worn. But I do hope that after the holidays and things calm down a little bit, I will start reviewing perfumes on a regular basis.

But yes, vintage has taken over my perfume collecting habits and to the point of neglecting favorites houses or just one or two perfumes. I was wondering on how can I forget about my Amouages or about two thirds of my Chanels in favor of wearing the same two or three perfumes? Some of it is the situational stuff. Why would I waste my Amouages at my job or a good chunk of my vintages at my job? Most people wouldn't get them and plus because I deal with the general public, I don't really want some of my favorites spoiled by one nasty person.

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