Friday, December 19, 2014

Vintage Chanel no 19 EDP Review

A couple weeks ago I managed to score a half used bottle of Chanel no 19 9the 1.2 ounce bottle) in EDP form off Ebay and did a side by side comparison. Let's just say that I love no 19 in EDP form and it doesn't matter if it's vintage or the current version even though the current version of the EDP is kind of getting trashed.

I know this bottle is vintage because by reading up on vintage no 19, the color of the juice goes from green to yellow but that's not unusual for colors to change with any perfume but there are differences between the current and vintage version. In the current version, the rose is the star and the rose is really bright. The galbanum is bright as well and very green. In the current version, I really don't smell a whole lot of the iris.

The vintage version smells like the current version of the EDP with a few exceptions. Let's just say it's much greener. The galbanum smells a little different and smells a little better than the current version and the rose is not as pronounced as I smell in the current EDP. Instead of little peeks here and there with the iris, the iris is more pronounced. But I do love the vintage and current version of no 19 in EDP form and I do hope that I will be able to find more bottles of the vintage EDP.

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