Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Five Day Deal

Here in America, there are only about three more days until we celebrate Thanksgiving. Since I work in a bakery, I do not see any kind of day off until Thanksgiving. So instead of picking out a different perfume to wear for each day, I've decided to wear Chanel no 5 EDT or EDP to wear until Thursday. Then on Thanksgiving, I will be wearing something else. I don't know what but I'll probably be figuring it out before I have to go to a relatives house. But for some reason, I'm already weary of wearing no 5 in EDT form. I think it's the whole 5 day stretch that's getting to me, well, the idea of the whole thing. I'm wondering if I should switch over to Lolita Lempicka.

But I did have a nice little surprise, perfume wise a few days ago. Before bed on Wednesday, I had forgotten that I was wearing Bal in PdT form, I sprayed Muscs Koublai Khan on my wrists. Bal was starting to get into the dry down phase but I've done questionable things with perfume before but this turned out really good. Both vintage Bal and MKK are slutty in their own way and Bal depending on the concentration, can be even sluttier than MKK. But this combination is just wow, it smells really good. Maybe not something I could wear in a tight space but if I were at an outdoor function, it would be great. There is so much slut note that I will wear in public. I'm not overly brave yet to have anything really sensual perfume wise.

My bathroom/kitchen remodeling saga continues. A new contractor was hired and I now have one of my bathrooms done, except for a face plate for the light switches and an door for the bathroom. So I now get my bathroom back, mostly. I am not some of the people in my household that can use the bathroom to either take a shower or do my business with the door open. As soon as I can, I will be putting the door up so I can do my thing without an audience. I'm strange that way.

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