Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trouble Picking

Lately, I have been having larger problems with picking out a perfume. It's not the usual type of a lager collection than a lot of people but something different.

When I was getting started, it was fairly easy to pick out a perfume. Then decants came into play. Decants were so easy to slip into my wristlet. It started out as just one decant. That one decant was for touch ups but that changed. It may have started out as one decant, then two or three and let's not even get to the full bottles. The full bottles always get "stuck" in my work cardigan and then I am left with 4 choices to choose from when I get to work. Now, I'm getting back to either having 1 decant in my wristlet or 1 bottle in my work cardigan. Let's hope that this will lead to finishing 1 bottle of perfume and I was thinking of trying to finish my 1.2 ounce bottle of Chanel no 5 EDT. I would like to finish it because I have back ups of it.

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