Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring Still Isn't Here

Here in Cleveland, even though spring is technically here, winter hasn't gotten the memo. Yep, it's still cold and we had another blast of snow. I honestly was starting to think that spring was actually coming but it still hasn't arrived yet. This means that my bedroom, especially my closet is a disaster. Disaster as in clothes and shoes everywhere. I'm sorting through all of my clothes trying to get rid of clothes, trying to put the winter stuff away and getting out my spring/summer stuff. I really hate doing this kind of stuff because it is labor intensive and there never seems to be enough space for anything. There isn't really a whole lot of clothing that I can donate due to quite a bit being so worn and holey and besides, who wants to wear used underwear? So most everything that I am not keeping, goes right into the trash. But with what I have done already, I realized that I'm pretty close to not having a whole lot to wear. But that's okay, eventually, I will have to get more jeans and tops.

But with the cold weather followed by a couple days of warm weather and then getting cold again is making picking out a perfume a little more difficult. I always hate this whole rapid fire change in the weather. I really want to start wearing short sleeves and start breaking out Chanel no 19, Deneuve and some Courtesan. I'm so over the cold and snow.

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