Friday, April 29, 2016

Tableau de Parfums Ingrid EDP review

A few months ago, LuckyScent sent me an e-mail of perfumes that were either being discontinued or were not going to carry anymore. Naturally, I bit because of the fact that three of Andy Tauer's offerings were on the list. And the three perfumes were on my to try list but really didn't see them on Surrender to Chance or The Perfumed Court. The samples being offered by LuckyScent were dabbers and dabbers are not my style when it comes to perfume. So buying a full bottle blind was my only choice at this point. Most of the time, I don't go buying full bottles of anything blind but this time, it turned out well. I didn't get all three bottles but chose Ingrid because it sounded most like me in spite of the citrus notes. And I was mostly right.

Ingrid starts out with citrus. Not the oven type nor the candied or dusty citrus but bright citrus like I just cut up a lemon. Soon the lemon and the others fade into the background and then the famous Tauer base comes in. The Tauer base isn't as strong as it normally is but it is still noticeable and I love it because the frangipani comes into play. On my skin, it's huge and I mean huge and I love it. While the frangipani looms large after the citrus mostly dies off and the Tauer base hums in the background, I get hints of vanilla. It's not a lot but it peeks out then runs away again. I'm happy that this one lasts forever on my skin. I would say about a good 10 hours and most Tauer offerings last at least 7 hours on me. This one has probably been my best blind buy in a good long time. I think that there might be a bottle or two left on LuckySent.

*photo stolen from Fragrancia

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