Monday, July 17, 2017

Chanel Stuff and Grad Party Mistake

Did you ever have an event that you had to go to and ended up wearing the wrong perfume? That happened to me yesterday. I had my cousin's high school graduation party that I had to attend yesterday. The party was lovely but found myself regretting the choice I made in perfume. After shuffling through my decants, I found my decant of Xeroff Irisss and wore that. By the time I sprayed it on 10 minutes before I arrived at the party, I regretted it. I had forgotten that it was a spicy iris and I like my iris perfumes to be carroty, earthy and rooty. I had nothing else with me and I gritted my teeth and rode it out. When I had gotten home, I quickly had to wash off the remnants and apply my vintage (I don't know how vintage) Chanel no 19 EDP. I am applying the current EDP for comparison and will probably review it.

I will admit that I do like window shopping. I decided to stop by the Chanel website and see if there was anything new coming out or had no 19 EDP come in more sizes than the 3.4 ounce bottle. And it was yes on both counts. Finally no 19 in the EDP form comes in a 1.7 ounce bottle. Even though I don't need another bottle of anything, but when I am in the market for a new bottle of perfume, I want smaller bottles. I had saw that Chanel is releasing a perfume called Gabrielle on August 19th of this year. From reading the description, it sounds like a BWF that I'm not exactly too interested in. It looks like there is most likely going to be a moderate note of tuberose and tuberose is my mortal enemy in perfume. If somebody gave me a sample, yeah, I'd probably try it in case but it wouldn't be something that I would seek out to try. I think I will be holding off on trying this for quite a while before seeking this one out. My rule still kind of remains that I must start finishing full bottles of perfume before adding more. Finishing decants are little victories too.

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