Monday, August 7, 2017

Is There Progress?

I was looking around, thinking about what I should wear in terms of perfume today (Une Rose Chypree, in case you were wondering). The thought occured to me that I haven't bought one bottle of perfume since I had bought a bottle of L'Heure de Nuit back in February. Yes, I was poking around E-bay off and on since then and Luckyscent but haven't pulled the trigger on any full bottles. It isn't a total victory though.

Have I bought decants, yes, it's all I can really afford right now in terms of perfume. Financially, things are tight and I must start thinking ahead. It may be too early to think about my nephews and their birthdays in November, Christmas in December. I got a plan for that. If I have an extra $10-$15, it will be Amazon gift cards to put on my account and then have the ability to afford something for the people I shop for. At the end of the day right now, I do have to think about the future.

Have I made some progress with my perfume collection? Yes and no. I haven't finished one full bottle of anything and I haven't even started with selling anything on E-Bay with the stuff I either don't wear nor the stuff that I don't wear anymore. But I have made some progress with my decants. The progress I made is that I used up the ones that I had only one or two wearings left. But some of my focus has been wearing a couple more bottles exclusively. I kind of fell into wearing my Andy Tauer perfumes a little more frequently and also seeing if I can finish off that 1 ounce bottle of vintage Bal. I would like to see if I can actually manage to finish a bottle or two this year.

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