Monday, August 21, 2017

Nail Stuff

Is there anybody out there that's like me with nail polish. My nail polish and doing my nails is a little wonky. I am not really so much into the whole doing my nails (even my toe nails) on any regular basis. I used to years back. Having nail polish on my finger nails and working in food service doesn't really mix. It's frowned upon to have it on nails. But I've had a hankering for what nail polish I can add to my collection and my usual go to for nail polish is the OPI brand. I had seen that the collection this time was called Iceland. I've always loved the play on words/names that OPI does.

I had to take a closer look on this collection because it looked a little on the drab side with maybe one color that I liked. It looks like a couple are either drab or just too boring for my liking. Since Amazon doesn't really have the collection and what they do have would take weeks to ship to my house, I went to the Ulta website and created an account to get the two that I really liked and a couple of small things for Christmas gifts. What has amazed me is the price of the OPI nail polishes. I don't recall them ever being so expensive and I guess that it's a good thing that I am not overly obsessed with polishing my nails.

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