Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Candles Galore

I've made no secret about that I live in a semi rural area in Northeastern Ohio. This is an area that requires a car to go just about anywhere and everywhere. Living in a semi rural area means living with power outages on a regular basis. Power outages can last anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple days. My family does have a generator but the generator only is powerful enough to let us have running water and keep the fridge cold. This is where candles are a must.

I am a candle collector out of necessity and not out loving candles for the heck of it. I view it as might as well try to find some kind of enjoyment somewhere. I've always found that Yankee Candle wasn't my thing because their candles really didn't smell like what I wanted. Vanilla didn't smell like vanilla or the lilac didn't smell like lilac. I'm not a fan of their uneven burn. You get the picture. I will be honest that I'm not a person that will spend a ton of money just for 1 candle. When I'm out and about and replenishing my supply, I'm getting 5 or 6 candles at a time. My favorite place for candles is Bath and Body Works.

There are certain ones that I like when it comes to BWW candles. Most of the time, the ones I like are seasonal candles. Lilac Blossom is probably the only non-seasonal one that I really enjoy. It smells just like lilacs in bloom. My other favorite is probably the Farm stand Apple or what ever they want to call it on any given year. The apple is just plain old apple, not apple pie or any of the variations. Yes, I don't like tons going on with my candles scent wise, I'm more of a soliflower type of person.

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