Friday, September 8, 2017

Going Through the Pile

After 10 years and a lot of money spent in pursuit of perfume, I've accumulated a lot of full bottles and even more decants. I've made more of a habit of going through my worn and reviewed decant bags for culls. I always manage to toss a few empty decants and use up the small ones that have only a wearing left. Doing that much has proved to have some benefits. I have more space in the make up bag to go through my unworn and not reviewed bag.

The problem has always been the same for me. I seem to be kind of reluctant to work my way through the whole unworn bag. At this point in the game, my full bottle collection is big enough, it's probably close to 60 bottles and it's been quite a while since I've counted. So I can't really justify smelling a whole lot of new stuff and end up falling in love with something. I don't want to fall in love with any one perfume because finances are still under massive amounts of strain to the point of decants of the things I love that I don't have full bottles of can be hard to justify and only a small spray decant is all I can afford. This is what happens when you have already sunk a small fortune into your teeth and will keep spending a small fortune on more work. Dentists cost a lot of money and I always try really hard to space my dentist visits 2 or 3 weeks apart if I can.

I know that I honestly should either E-Bay or donate the perfumes that I bought blind and I really don't like. I have them in a box, ready to go. Most of the time I either forget, procrastinate, or my hoarding perfume comes out. For some reason, it takes me a while to throw worn out or torn clothing out. Don't ask me why it takes a while for me to get rid of stuff but it does.

What I am starting to do now, is take a look at what I had worn and reviewed already and take a closer look at some. I have started to wear some of the perfumes that I said I didn't like or hate it to see if I still hate them. In the beginning of my perfume journey, I reviewed some perfumes that I didn't like but in truth, didn't like one bit. I didn't want to go trashing a perfume. After a while, I did lose that aversion and now I have no problems saying that I don't like something. So I am taking a look at a few perfumes that I hadn't liked before and wearing them again to see if something has changed. Just like everything else, it's gonna be slow going for me.

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