Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Not Getting This

No, it's not about shopping or getting things but I'm having perfume issues. This week, it's been in the mid to upper 70's and for two days it was in the 80's and I am having issues with my perfume lasting. Just like today, I am wearing Bal a Versailles in vintage EDP form and I've had to apply it twice because it just disappeared. Even my beloved no. 5 and my Amouages are disappearing just a mere 4 or 5 hours afterwards. It's bad enough that I have dry skin but even with lotion my perfumes are not lasting. It's kind of made it difficult for me to attempt to try the decants that I have not worn yet and review them because I can't get a full reading on lasting power on them. It's driving me insane because I want to review something but I'm out of ideas on how to make my perfume last this time of year.

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