Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chai Tea

I've never been a coffee drinker but a tea drinker. Part of the reason why I don't drink coffee is because I've never much cared for the taste and I seem to get the worst case of sour stomach known to mankind. I've tried a lot of teas and I've enjoyed Tazo's chai tea concentrate the best. I've normally been able to get this at the grocery store at work but I have found out that they have stopped carrying it. They have other brands of chai concentrate but they are terrible. Most of the other concentrates taste like milk with a butt load of honey dumped in. Chai tea is sweet but that honey water vibe makes it way too cavity inducing. The Tazo concentrate is sweet but not sickeningly so. I enjoy the taste of having spiced black tea. I've complained to the manager at my local grocery store because there are things that I normally buy there but have discontinued and replaced with their own brand. With gas prices going up, I can't afford to go out of my way to get. This is when online shopping and being what must be the fanatic comes in handy. I was surprised though. Even though I know that Amazon is becoming more of a third party seller, the shipping costs of some things actually cost more than the actual item itself. Amazon is selling a pack of three chai tea concentrate for a shade over $17.

I know that I haven't been reviewing perfumes and I do have quite a few that need to be reviewed. It just seems that I find myself reaching more and more for the stuff that I've already reviewed or I seem to be spending my perfume budget on decants that I already have.

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