Friday, March 30, 2012

Carven Ma Griffe EDP Review

I first came across Ma Griffe when I was reading the book White Oleander and had been meaning to try it ever since. I don't know what kept me from getting my hands on a decant but I wore it for the first time yesterday. I find Ma Griffe to be similar to Amouage's Dia for her but a very pale version of Dia. They aldehydes in Ma Griffe are on the astringent side like Dia but that is were the similarity pretty much ends. Ma Griffe is a perfume that was created shortly after WWII, so it's an old school perfume. I find that old school perfumes do have a perfumey smell unlike today's perfumes that don't smell perfumey. I was disappointed with Ma Griffe because after the tops notes wear off, and they were off quickly, I barely couldn't smell it on my skin. Then, I sprayed on clothes and could barely smell it for 3 hours. Normally, EDP's last on my skin for at least 6 hours. I doubt that I will get another decant let alone a bottle. I did want to love Ma Griffe but the lack of staying power really dissapointed me.

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