Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Patou Forever EDP for Her Review

The weather in northeastern Ohio has finally started to cooperate and it is really spring. The first of the spring flowers have started to come up, it's warmed up and it's gonna stay warm. Now I can start wearing lighter perfumes.

Since I am enthralled with Patou's Joy, I wanted to give another one of his creations a try. I don't mind it when perfumes are very "perfumey" and Forever is just that for about 15 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, it turns into something kind of sour. It's like when one is dealing with the dead bouquet of flowers that you just threw out and now gotta contend with the water. I'm thinking that the fruit is causing the whole sour, kind of rotten floral vibe. After I waited an hour, this really stayed close to the skin. But I couldn't make it past the first hour and had to wash it off. This perfume could have been much better if the fruit was used a little better or the combination was different.

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