Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cannot Wear

There are situations for perfume fanatics that we dread. One is going without perfume and the other is people who hate certain perfumes and it's really not a great idea to wear it. It could be a certain brand of perfumes, one or two certain perfumes or they plain don't like perfume.

A couple days ago, I found myself in such a situation where one person doesn't like anything "perfumey" and another doesn't like much of anything from Guerlain and hates Chanel. This did leave me in somewhat of a rock and a hard place because most of my collection is Guerlain, Chanel and "perfumey". I somewhat did want to keep the peace but I wasn't that motivated. Selfish of me, yes, but when you have some family that will try to control everything, I'm not exactly willing to bend. I ended up wearing a half a squirt of Amouage Dia. I figured by the time I would be around the people who pretty much eliminated just about all of my perfume collection, they would only be able to smell Dia if they were super close or pressing their noses to my wrists. And that half a squirt of Dia being worn for about 6 hours, I could barely smell it.

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