Thursday, October 17, 2013

Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Did you ever get to the point of sniffage were it's either you get to wearing maybe the same 14-20 perfumes and neglect anything new? Then it hits you after blogging about random, somewhat uninteresting things that at one point or another, you've already blogged about. Sniffing a new perfume was in order.

For three days, I've been wearing Narciso Rodriguez for Her trying to figure it out. I get lots of patchouli in the beginning and not much else, then the musk comes through. Somewhere, something else peeks through a little bit. Flowers? Fruit? I can't be sure but all I know is that I'm not liking this perfume as a whole. Patchouli is one of those notes that I am ambivalent about just like musk when they are dominant notes. It depends on how they are presented, I think.

What bugs me about this whole thing is that it seems to follow the your skin but better idea. That idea doesn't suit me because I like my perfume to smell like perfume, not the your skin bit better. And I like my musk to lend a sensual hand or somewhat of a slutty hand to perfume. Lasting power is decent and wears close to the skin. But it just seems to sit on skin with no further development after the first 20 minutes. I own perfumes that evolve over the course of a half a wearing. Hopefully, perfume will come away from the clean musk, your skin but better, fruity garbage that permeates the market right now.

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