Thursday, June 25, 2015

Vintage Bottle Annoyance

Since there are no flea markets, let alone good ones where I live, let alone Goodwill or the Salvation Army, I have to rely on E-bay for my vintage perfume needs. But I'm really starting to get annoyed with the whole advertising a vintage bottle with the box and damaged cellophane listing it as new in box.

With buying vintage, with or without the box, if the seal on the perfume bottle isn't broken, yes I do expect some kind of evaporation. The older the bottle is, the more evaporation I do expect. But there is only so much evaporation I will accept before I will have to do a double take and think about getting that vintage.

But there are some bottles that are described as brand new, never used or new in box. What I am referring to is the spray bottles of vintage Bal. Bal is one of those perfumes in vintage form that I can't stop praising enough but those white spray bottles can be a bear. I have recently gotten a sealed box of the PdT version off E-Bay. It was listed as brand new and I was thinking that hey, it's vintage, even if it has not been opened or used, there is going to be a little bit of evaporation. When it arrives, I eagerly open it and find that it is actually about half full. This was reminiscent of the other PdT spray bottle that was listed as new. I am beginning to wonder if the spray bottle for Bal was the best design. Right now, I am staring at a sealed vintage bottle of Shalimar (teardrop EDT) from probably sometime in the 70's and it's about 95% full and a 1950's sealed Mitsouko EDC that is about 90% full. Even my vintages that were not listed as new or sealed are just about full. So it pretty much annoys me that I have found a couple vintage sealed items that are as full as one would expect for vintage and a spray bottle (vintage) doesn't seem to hold up.

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