Friday, July 24, 2015

Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte EDT Concentree Review

After spending two days with Bois des Iles, I was going to review that but that's not happening today. But yesterday, I lost the motivation to wear Bois des Iles for the 3rd day straight and went Cristalle eau Verte yesterday.

I've stated before that I do have a hard time with citrus due to Espirt de Fleurs and how the citrus was presented in that one. But this Cristalle is different with the citrus. It's a huge, and I mean huge, burst of lemon in the beginning. It's like you just got through slicing a lemon. And I like that and how effervescent the lemon is, not the rotting citrus or the oven cleaner vibe. There is supposed to be magnolia listed as a dominant note but I am not smelling it. I smell a huge whopping hyacinth note and hyacinth isn't listed as a note. I love a massive hyacinth note in my perfumes but absract white flowers are listed so that doesn't tell me much. As soon as I start really enjoying this and think about getting a bottle, this just drops off the face of the earth. I can't smell it after 2 hours. Two full hours, I could believe that. So every 2 hours, I was spraying.

So since it lasts only two hours on me, I decided not to get a bottle, which is good for my wallet but for some reason, it's saddening because it's one of those that should last a whole lot longer on skin than 2 hours. If and when an EDP version comes out, I'll test that and see if a bottle would be in order.

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