Friday, July 31, 2015

Viktoria Minya Hedonist Review

The good thing about summer is that I can wear one perfume during the day and another one at night. Sometimes that can lead to wearing the same old thing night after night but last night was different. I have a neglected bottle of Viktoria Minya's debut perfume Hedonist that I decided not to neglect anymore. I've had Hedonist pretty much since it's release and I've smelled it and worn it off and on for the better part of two years. I'm not sure why it's been neglected but so many in my collection do get lost in the shuffle that I do forget about them.

What pulled me in initially is the bottle, I swooned over the bottle but was a little hesitant about buying a full bottle unsniffed. What if the perfume doesn't match the bottle? What if it really sucks and I am left with a bottle of perfume that just sits on my dresser? But all that was unfounded. The perfume does match the bottle.

I do have a liking for honey in perfumes and I do smell honey from start to finish. After looking around the Internet, I am not really seeing honey listed as a note but it's got to be the rum and peach that must be the ones creating that. But the rum and peach do keep their identities but when together they seem to create that honey accord. I don't get a whole lot of flowers but the flowers that I do get is the big white floral. I don't exactly get any one big white floral but it's there. This is one perfume that I do not regret at all. It smells good without being over the top nor loud but not exactly second bottle worthy for me.

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