Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nighttime Perfume Ritual

Ever since summer started, my perfume ritual has changed a little bit. In the beginning of my perfume journey, I wasn't in any kind of ritual of applying perfume before bed. As time went on, I began to apply perfume before bed but it was the same perfume that I had worn that day.

But this summer is a little different though. I had really figured out that if the perfume that I had worn during the day has faded out when I am about to go to bed so I am free to pick something else out. I have a little luxury to have some of my perfume right on my nightstand so before I turn out the light, I can reach over and spray something and then turn out the light.

But on my nightstand, I don't keep things that are too odd, too loud or too whatever. The exception seems to be vintage Bal which I have no fear wearing to bed for some reason and vintage Bal is the skankiest perfume that I own but seems to be the most soothing before bed. It seems like Shalimar, Bal and no 5 seem to get the most wear at night. But it is a good thing because I have so much of all three of them that I can afford to drain those bottles.

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