Friday, August 28, 2015

Being Contrary

After hanging around the perfume blogosphere, you start to notice a few things. Well, I've noticed a few things. That is how contrary I am when it comes to perfume. It seems like there are perfumes in the perfume blogosphere that seem to be universally liked and I am not exception to some of what is universally liked.

But I do have a hard time getting the love for Amouage Ubar. When I first tried Ubar early on in my perfume journey, I tried really hard to like it and say nice things about it but I really don't like it. It just smells like someone trying to tell me that bug spray with a hint of flowers is perfume but it's not. And I am still not understanding the general like with Jubilation 25 because something just doesn't sit well with me and I am thinking it's the fruit in that one that prevents me from loving it. It's kind of funny when there are a few that get tons of love and I end up trying them and actually hate them.

Now, there are those perfumes that I am wild about along with many people but it seems like I am in the minority with such a small thing a which strength I love. It is always seems to be the one that not too many mention loving. Chanel and Guerlain seem to be the big ones. Chanel no 5 and no 19 seem to be the ones where it's the parfum and EDT get the most love. I'm a little different though. I prefer the EDP version of both of them. But it seems like Jicky is one of those where people seems to prefer the EDT to the EDP and I like the EDP much better. I am thinking that part of it is that my skin is so dry, using the EDP is a necessity. But the vintage versions of all of these is worth seeking out and getting. Vintage EDT's seem to last a very long time on my skin.

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  1. I so do not love the edp version of No. 5 - there is just something in there that seems "off." Can't put my finger on it. I don't love the parfum version of No. 19 either - it's too dry and vetivery for me - or the current edt. My preference would be for edp or vintage edt. Shrug.

    Ubar I like, but don't love.. and can't stand Jub 25. No matter how much I try, I just cannot seem to manage any fruity chypres. Oh well, there's so much else to love - there are any number of perfumistas who can't stand, say, green florals or aldehydes, both of which I get on very well with, so there's that.