Friday, September 4, 2015

Living With a Large Perfume Collection

Compared to a lot of people in general, I have a fairly large perfume collection. Most people probably 5 or 6 bottles of perfume at most to choose from. Having that many bottles make it easy to pick out what perfume to wear when wanting to wear perfume but a perfume fanatic, it's a different story.

There are people like me who absolutely love perfume and it seems like we have some pretty large collections. There are some that have even larger collections than I do. My collection is filled with many different perfumes, quite a bit of vintage and back ups. But living with a large collection can be difficult.

It's difficult trying to pick out what to wear on any given day. Somehow perfumes get 'lost' or forgotten about or just not readily seen. How many times have I forgotten Shalimar when I have a million bottles or it? Or Theorema and Chanel no 19? Quite often.

But I am one of those who have never finished a full bottle in my life. Buying and having a full bottle requires a lot of commitment and with dealing with a 40 odd bottle collection, this is amplified. But to many people who don't have a large collection or who are not into perfume, this boggles the mind to have a large collection. Sometimes I think book collecting would be easier.

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