Sunday, September 13, 2015

Comme des Garcons Avignon EDT Review

A couple days ago, after my first perfume of the day wore off, I was looking around for my second perfume to wear. And reached into the unworn bag and pulled out Avignon. I have been wanting to try CdG's Avignon ever since I fell in love with Zagorsk and Kyoto. Zagorsk and Kyoto is about the incense but I can smell the supporting notes that don't make it boring. Kyoto had the cedar note (that didn't smell like bedding for a hamster) and Zagorsk had a funky iris note that made both likable and bottle worthy to me. But Avignon was different.

Different as all I got was incense and something I couldn't identify. I'm thinking that it's something to do with something of wood note. I say that because I get the impression that it does have a vibe of bedding for a hamster cage. If one ever has had a hamster or a guinea pig, you would know. But that stuff doesn't agree with my nose because when my sister was younger she had guinea pigs and didn't want to clean the cages all that often and the smell of those wretched cages were horrible when my parents had me clean the cages. so any kind of wood note can be hard due to that association. What I have tried with this line is that I get decent lasting power (about 4 hours).

So Avignon is a no go for me but I can see why some would like it. The one thing that I do admire CdG is that the price of their offerings have always been pretty reasonable, especially for niche perfume.

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