Thursday, December 17, 2015

Andy Tauer Une Rose Chypree Review

Today is a day for reviewing. I know that it's late but it was a day for me to try something new and review it. I didn't go into my untried decant bag but looked at my full bottles and saw that there are a couple of Andy Tauer offerings that I haven't gotten to. At this point, it's rare that I spring for a full bottle of anything new before trying it. Vintage is different and is always a gamble. So anyway, Une Rose Chypree (URC from now on) was the one I picked out for the day.

After reading up on URC, I was a little surprised about the citrus notes but not really. The citrus notes don't really smell like citrus notes. Nor do they smell like oven cleaner or loaded up with powder. It's more like that homemade cranberry sauce at a turkey dinner but with an orange zest. It's not overwhelming but I think that the rose got the citrus to behave and actually work with the other notes. And let's talk about the rose. The rose aspect and it seems like the whole perfume is similar to Une Rose Vermeille. It seems to have a 'mouth feel' to it but I would have to pull out Une Rose Vermeille and wear it again. Right now, I am in the dry down phase and I am really liking the moss aspect of URC and I do enjoy how long this is lasting on my skin and it's been on my perfume eating skin since 8:30 this morning,

I really do like this perfume and this offering from Andy Tauer seems to suit me better than whatever else I have tried so far. This one does have a place in my collection either as a full bottle or as a larger decant and my Amex is rolling it's eyes at me telling me that I really shouldn't be buying anymore perfume. But what is a perfume nut supposed to do?

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