Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Shopping Adventure

There are some people that do Christmas shopping year round, those that do it all 2 or 3 days after Thanksgiving and those that wait until the last minute. Today is what I would consider starting to wait until the last minute. But I seem to fall into the whole different category. I kind of start early in November getting little random gifts, in case I need an emergency gift. But most of my Christmas shopping is done probably no later than the 23rd. But now I can say that my Christmas shopping is all done. I ordered my last gift from Amazon today.

But on the 19th, I had to stop up at the mall. My mother has always been that type that can be difficult to shop for type. So ordering online for her isn't the greatest idea. I was thinking about getting her a Penhaligon's sampler set but I had some second thoughts about that. She's not much a perfume person and something kind of niche might not be her thing. But there were a few things that she was complaining about. It was the lack of an eye lash curler and not having any decent bras. So going up to the mall was my only real choice. Amazon Prime only goes so far and I doubted that all of the other places that I shop wouldn't get a gift to her on time. She sends me up to the mall's JC Penny's to return her jeans. I go to one checkout spot to do the return and then when I step up to the register, they tell me that I had to go to another checkout spot. Needless to say, that was aggravating. But the return itself was a real pain. Obviously, a bunch of seasonal workers were there and it was an online order. So the return had to be done twice and the girl needed a whole lot of help to get through this. That's what you get when you hire a bunch of seasonal workers.

But what is great about my local JC Penny's is that there is a little Sephora in that store and I had a $50 JC Penny's that I could use. I ended the JC Penny's thing with finding an eye lash curler and two roller balls. That is one of the things that I like about Sephora. One of the roller balls are going to my grandmother and the other is probably going to me. What I don't like is that the Sephoras in JC Penny's are so tiny and with a Christmas crowd, make things harder to get to and just go to the cash register to pay. After a while, I ended up telling people to just move, saying excuse me 3 times didn't exactly work so being rude had to.

Things got much better when I go to Victoria's Secret. I was able to find what I wanted and for some reason, this time, I didn't have to negotiate a slow moving line. The line seemed to move quickly and it wasn't stroller quagmire like JC Penny's was.

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