Monday, January 4, 2016

Another Year

It's the new year and all. I'm hoping that this year is going to be a little different. Well, it is going to be different in a few ways. I'm starting to fix up my teeth at the dental school. So that means that I have to cut way back on perfume. Do I know how far back? No, all I know is that I have to cut back on the decants and bottle, vintages or new. I'm typing this as I am looking at the first perfume decant purchase to arrive of the year. Let's going to say that this is going to be a tough year. I'm thinking that it will be super tough in the beginning.

So this resolution thing is not what I had exactly in mind and I don't normally make them. That makes it harder to stick to a resolution. What is probably going to happen is that I am going to set up some sort of perfume allowance. I'm wondering if it should be the kind of allowance of $15 or $20 a month and get Surrender to Chance gift cards. I think that I will do that and let that build up. Then when a sale hits, I can rest easy knowing that I've been good. I'm also hoping that this will get me going on that bag of untested decants and I will be forced to actually blog about perfume than just generally blogging about it. That's why I started to do this whole blog but I have gotten away from that and need to get back into the habit of reviewing perfume.

I do think that this might be the year of nail polish for me. Nail polish is cheap compared to perfume, so I'm thinking that nail polish should get thrown onto the blog as well. I'm not exactly sure yet but changes are grudgingly being made.

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