Thursday, January 28, 2016

Miserable Failure

Well, my New Year's resolutions ended in a miserable failure. My resolution was kind of large. I made a vow not to buy anymore full bottles of anything (even vintage partials) until I finished a full bottle or two of what I have. And what did I do? Make the mistake of going on to E-bay and finding a sealed full bottle of vintage Bal and some vintage Miss Dior. So I made it about mid month to really blow my resolution of no buy. But in a way, I didn't fully blow my resolution. I have been wearing more of Chanel no 5 either in EDP or EDT.

Since my skin is so dry and winter makes it especially dry, I can get away with wearing 3 perfumes over the coarse of a single day. I can wear Shalimar in the morning, Jicky in the afternoon and Chanel no 5 for a bed time scent. But slowly, I am making a little progress and somewhat sticking to my commitment to finish a couple bottles. But in a way, it can be tough going. I'm pretty fickle when it comes to picking out a perfume to wear. It seems like I want to wear just about everything but not enough skin and if I wore everything in my collection I would probably smell horrible. But I'm not really wearing a lot of Amouage. I'm not wearing Amouage for a couple reasons, besides that they are pretty expensive. I view it as that to drain some of my bottles, being able to wear 3 perfumes a day right now, helps me out. And Amouage lasts all day and night and that doesn't really help with my goal of finishing off some of my collection. I still love my Amouge perfumes that I own but they kind of do hinder my collection. I think that once a week, I will wear my Amouage perfumes.

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