Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lavin My Sin EDP Review

Since I have decided to get moving this year on reviewing perfume, I am going to do just that today. I took Lavin My Sin EDP to review.

I've never been one to shy way from perfumes that have that animalic vibe going on. Not when I have a decant to test out. But sometimes I do. There is a perfume out there that I am shying away from and I will not name it quite yet.

But on first smell, I can tell that I am wearing something vintage. Classic perfumes (no 5, no 22, Mitsouko, Shalimar for example) even in their modern or current formulation do smell from a specific time period or the smell like they have been around for a while. For quite a while, My Sin smelled like something I already owned and couldn't place my finger on it. Then I could, My Sin smelled almost like Chanel no 5 and sometimes it did smell a little closer to Chanel no 22. I have both no 5 and no 22 in vintage form but My Sin smells closer to the vintage no 5 than no 22. The powder in My Sin make it pretty close to no 22. But the aldehydes are the main culprit for the similarity.

By looking up the notes of My Sin and no 5, the notes are pretty similar. While the vintage no 5 has nitro musks that give it a sultry vibe, My Sin falls upon civet. The civet of My Sin give My Sin that animalic growl not the sultry vibe. My Sin is not one of those that plays around, she more or less knows what she wants and is a little less demur in going about it. My Sin is not going to deny her sensuality where no 5 mostly hides it.

I'm not sure if I would go seeking out a vintage bottle of this but My Sin might grow on me or not. Now when I have no 22 and no 5 in my collection.

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