Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Very Early Morning Perfume Shuffle

There are times that I have to be certain places really early in the morning. I'm not talking about 7 in the morning but that is pushing it. I'm talking the 5 in the morning stuff. That means for me that I must be upright, out of bed, conscious and coherent is debatable. It makes perfume choosing pretty hard for me. But I did come up with a solution.

The evening before, I most likely have an idea of what I would like. I do go through phases of wearing the same handful of perfumes and if it is a perfume hat I have dubbed either not work safe or too good to wear to work, I will look to see if I have something in a similar vein. Vintage Bal is not something that I find very work safe. Let's thing about it, there is a whole lot of skank in vintage Bal that would conjure up some not so pleasant things for some. But I find that Shalimar, vintage or not, is a great alternative to vintage Bal. I get enough skank to make me happy and nobody I work with seems to detect the skank in Shalimar. So yes, Shalimar is a safe alternative to vintage Bal. Mitsouko, L'Heure Bleue and most Chanel offerings are safe bets. Cuir de Russie can be questionable half the time and I don't think that it's a very early morning kind of perfume. I think that half of the time, either a decant of vintage Chanel no 5 is in my wristlet or a bottle is in my cardigan pocket.

Since I don't carry a purse to work, a wristlet doubles as a wallet and whatever else I might carry (mascara, lipstick) because I might have made plans after work and I can either refresh what I put on that morning or apply whatever else that I did take with me. But I always carry at least two decants in there because I am always waiting to the last minute to pick something to wear to work. But if I already have two decants in there, I can't exactly go too wrong. But I mostly seem to stick to the classics at work and when they wear off, I am free to apply something else. But two decants already chosen and in my wallet makes things a lot easier when not really conscious and coherent.

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