Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

It's Leap Day and I'm impatiently waiting for spring. This time of year I am really sick of winter. Sick of the wearing of coats, long sleeve shirts, hoodies and getting pretty sick of wearing heavy perfumes. This is the time of year where what I would normally wear during spring and summer. Chanel no 19, Deneuve, Chamade, Patou Joy are what I seem to be reaching for more often. But I am still wearing vintage Bal quite a bit. I just can't wait to have spring arrive so I can start wearing short sleeves again and quit using so much moisturizer.

At this stage I keep poking around Gap and Old Navy checking to see what they have for spring and if I am seeing anything, it's not really my style or it isn't in my size. But I am one of those people that is in between a size with shirts and it can be difficult to find anything that I like. I've never been one to go into loud colors or patterns, I just look goofy in large and loud patterns. And they seem to make me look bigger than I already am.

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  1. I am glad though that this winter has been so much milder than the last two ones...but oh, No. 19 sounds great - I'm craving La Chasse...