Monday, March 7, 2016

Balmain Ivoire Vintage EDT

I am a person that does like green perfumes or chypre perfumes. I really do just by looking at my perfume collection. Multiple bottles of vintage Mitsouko, current and vintage bottles of Chanel no 19, tons of minis of Deneuve. But I'm not talking about those perfumes today. I'm talking about vintage Balmain Ivoire in EDT form.

When I was reading The Guide, Balmain Ivoire was in there and I kept forgetting to get a decant. Then I did get the decant but have been too lazy to try it out but now, I have finally tried it.  It seems like when Ivoire was released, it was the time where perfume was becoming for of an every day luxury instead of a special occasion type of deal. Let's think of it, when I reviewed a vintage bottle of Miss Dior, the box still had a price sticker of $6.50 so that bottle was probably from the mid to late '50's where the average paycheck was probably around $100 a week.

At first, I couldn't exactly figure I what I was smelling. Because it smelled like so many different green perfumes that I own that I couldn't figure it out. It smelled most like Givenchy III from start to finish. But the odd thing is that the huge rose note is really similar to Chanel no 19 in EDP form. What I first smelled was very green aldehydes that is reminiscent of Deneuve, then the rose note like no 19 in EDP form. But after that, it really was Givenchy III after/under the whole deal. This is when I love vintage EDC or EDT, I can get a great longetivity out of it. Ivoire lasted about 6 hours on me. Since I have no 19, Deneuve and Mitsouko, I probably will hold off on looking for a bottle for a little bit.

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