Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Like

In Cleveland, we are getting a blast of spring like weather. It's more than warm enough outside and I have the windows open. Hey, I've got to let the stale winter air out of the house somehow and doing some kind of spring cleaning around my wacky work schedule. Some of the crocuses that I have are blooming but I am really waiting for is the hyacinth and lilac bushes to start blooming.

But thongs have changed. Hoodies and sweaters have given way to short sleeved shirts. I wouldn't say that it is tank top weather, it's not even close. Short sleeve t-shirts feel very strange right now after going through months or wearing long sleeves. Even three quarter legnth sleeves feel strange.But looking around and seeing if Gap and a couple other places to see if there might be something that would perk up my wardrobe. But it looks like there is not. It must be because of the fact that we are between seasons.

This time of year is more of a transition period from winter to spring. So perfume choices are goofy and I am looking at my collection to see what exactly would fit. I've been wearing a lot of Theorema, vintage Bal and no 19. Sometimes I would add Jicky into the lineup but not quite often enough. I do wear my Amouages no matter what the weather but I'm careful with them in heat. The tiniest little bit usually does it but I am not in the mood to apply an Amouge today

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