Wednesday, March 23, 2016

No Motivation and La Fille de Berlin

I absolutely have not motivation to even delve into my unreviewed pile of decants. The last one I was trying out was La Fille de Berlin. But I think that I am going to give it a go anyway.

La Fille de Berlin is a huge rose. But the rose is not this sweet delicate thing like I would get in La Majeste la Rose and that one was a little more on the jammy side. It's not on the dirty side like Voleur de Roses, nor the spicy Amouage Epic Woman. It is an assertive rose and a little bit on the jammy side. It's not massively aggressive but it does border on it though. After the initial blast of nothing but an assertive rose, I do get some animalic undertones but I wouldn't go calling it animalic, La Fille just flirts with it for a few minutes. The rose still stays as a dominant rose perfume with hints of musk. What surprised me is that my decant actually gave me some staying power. More often than not, decants of any Serge Lutens offerings don't make it past four hours but this lasts of my skin for 7 hours. The Serge Lutens spray bottles that I do own, when I spray from them, I get 10 hours of lasting power. My verdict is that I would either go for a full bottle or a very large decant, I haven't quite decided on which list it would go on, color of the juice not withstanding.

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