Thursday, December 10, 2015


I know this is supposed to be a perfume blog where I write about and review perfumes. I have one of those Surrender to Chance gauzy bag things that's kind of big and filled with perfumes that I haven't even reviewed let alone tried. But let's face it, I am lazy at this point. And I've been really lazy about it for quite a while.

What probably happened is that I've never had a real method into sampling new perfumes and after wearing them for a few days, blogging about them after a couple days. I do think that perfume can be so overwhelming. I can't keep up with all of the new releases and my current full bottle collection that I already have. Slowly but surely, I am working on trying to finish a bottle of Chanel no 5 and a bottle of Jicky EDP. Finishing one bottle of anything will make me very happy. Finishing a bottle of perfume would give me space to add something else but it would just give me some extra space. I'm not exactly looking for more perfume but looking for more space and a little less to chose from in my collection so I am going to start to look at my minis and Chanel extraits and see what happens and maybe some of those 15ml decants can get used up. Or maybe I should do a once a week perfume review to see what happens with that bag of unworn perfumes. But right this second, I am wearing Mitsouko in vintage parfum that I've never worn before. Maybe I should start off with that.

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