Monday, January 23, 2017

Amouage Journey Woman Review

I've made no secret about how I am an Amouage fan girl. I have many Amouage loves and own a few bottles and fairly recently, I've been slowly working on getting the Amouage body products.

Slowly but surly, I have been working my way through my decants that I haven't worn or reviewed yet and my hand landed on trying out Amouage Journey for women. I really haven't explored the Opus line or the masculine offerings of Amouage in depth. I've tried a few of the masculine offerings but they don't seem to work for me in the way that the women's versions do.

Journey is not the kind of perfume that says it's an Amouage perfume. Epic, Gold, Lyric, Memoir, Ubar have Amouage written all over them and I view those as what a typical Amouage is. Journey is very different and wasn't what I was expecting at all. In the first two seconds of hitting my skin, I honestly thought that I was smelling one of my most hated things, tuberose. I have never enjoyed a tuberose dominated perfume, too suffocating for me. Then I realized that I was actually smelling the honey combined with jasmine. Now the jasmine is not the high pitched, shrill type of jasmine nor is it presented like A La Nuit or Sarrasins. Okay, the jasmine is more of the A La Nuit type of deal on my skin. So no skank from the jasmine but the jasmine is muted by the honey. During the time I was wearing Journey a few other things crept in. Was I smelling a tea note, apricots, osmanthus? I have no idea (I don't have a whole not of experience with those notes) but I think the structure of Journey had left me a little jarred. I was thinking that I have smelled this before but when and where? After rummaging around my collection, I found out. Pushed in the back of my collection was Viktoria Minya's Hedonist (I promise that I will eventually get to Hedonist Iris and Cassis). I popped open the can and took a quick sniff and bingo, there it was. Journey has pretty much the same structure and smell as Hedonist but the there was no booze note and Journey had a prominent jasmine note. I do like Journey but I'm not sure if I would pay over $300 for a 50ml bottle since it isn't love for me and I already own Hedonist. Maybe down the road, I will end up getting a full bottle but it's not in the cards for me right now.

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