Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Andy Tauer Au Coeur de Desert Review

My  pile of unworn and not reviewed decants has reached epic proportions. It used to be just a massive pile of decants. With the holidays and the sales that went on, I reached that threshold of epic. It's come to the point of that I have to start wearing and reviewing them. Instead of going into the bag to grab something, I reached for one of my newest decants, Andy Tauer's Au Coeur de Desert.

When I first heard about Au Coeur de Desert, I was a little horrified and a little curious. From what I read, it sounded like a straight up flanker and it is pretty much true to me. I have never been any kind of fan of flankers, especially when it comes down to cult classics and classics. There are very few flankers of perfume that are well done. No 5 Eau Premiere is one of them, the Shalimar Ode  a la Vanilles are another example of flankers done well. But I am not blogging about them.

Curiosity got the better of me and STC was having a 15% off sale, so it made the price of a 5ml decant more palatable for me. Did I need a 5ml? No, a 2ml decant would have worked but I wasn't sure if I would need a lot of wearing for this one. So onto the review.

L'Air du Desert Marocain is one of those perfumes that is a cult classic and is well regarded. L'Air was one of those perfumes that I did buy blind and don't regret. I do have a massive liking and respect for Andy Tauer's work even though some of his offerings don't exactly agree with me. When I got my decant Au Coeur, I waited probably 3 days before trying it. Au Coeur is almost word for word just like L'Air but a little different. I find that Au Coeur is a little smoother than L'Air and a little less austere. Both still run on the masculine side of unisex but Au Coeur, not as much though. What impressed me the most was the sillage and lasting power on this one. Instead of getting 5 or 6 hours like I do with L'Air, I get 14 hours, yes, 14 hours of skin time. Then I realized that it was an extrait and not EDT or EDP. Au Coeur is definitely a on the to buy list but more of at the bottom due to the fact that I own L'Air and I don't wear that enough to justify a full bottle right now.

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