Saturday, January 28, 2017

Post New Year

We are three weeks into the new year and many have made New Year's resolutions. Every year, I make perfume resolutions with varying degrees of success. Even though I fail with them, I do have some successes. Let's face it, it's tough going. But I am happy that I have stuck to my resolution of not buying anything perfume wise yet because I am broke. Broke as in the fact that I did overspend with Christmas and the bills have come in. The bills have to be paid first before I can go and get or do anything fun. It may be months before I can add anything new to my collection. I'm looking at is as a good thing right now.

You know that perfume to buy list? I'm taking another look at it. There are some that I took another look at and went right into the maybe list and some others that are going into the I will get them eventually type of deal. It's made the list a whole lot shorter.

After looking at my massive, massive to me at least, I really realized that I really need to use up some of my full bottles. I have boatloads of backups and a few that are almost finished. I'm at the point of where I am determined to finish some of those perfumes. I have a vintage bottle of Shalimar that is a third full and just begging to be finished off. That bottle of Shalimar isn't all that vintage (probably a '90's version at best) and I can more than afford to finish that one off. That bottle of Cuir de Russie that I spilled? I can finish that off too in no time along with a small bottle of no 19 extrait. Then I think that I will finish off two bottles of vintage Bal that are half full. See? Not so hard when you figure out some of this. It can be the execution of the plan when it boils down to it.

I've also made some commitments to finish off some of the decants that are floating around my house. Take my word for it, I have tons of those and I do need to take a look to see how many have evaporated, how many have a wearing or two left and I must start wearing and reviewing more. Hopefully I will have some space on my dresser to add one or two new bottles of perfume. But I must finish at least 4 bottles this year before I can consider doing that.

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