Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Amouage Lyric Extrait Review

I really haven't worn my bottles of Amouage recently but the craving did strike yesterday. Yesterday was the day my dad had to go for a chemo class and I couldn't exactly go and clear out a room. Amouage has the ability to do that. What I did was used some of my Lyric bath stuff. Did I use the body butter? No, I busted out the hand lotion. The hand lotion is a whole lot less than the body butter in terms of scent. Then I proceeded to dab on the Lyric extrait.

The extrait of Lyric isn't as loud or bombastic as the EDP version. The reason I say loud and bombastic is that when any of the Amouage offerings applied generously, they are bombastic and really loud. The extrait is much softer and much more smooth than the EDP, if such a thing is possible. I noticed that it is far richer and deeper than the EDP. I'm thinking that it's the sandalwood that's the culprit for this. The lasting power is phenomenal for this and lasting power has never been a problem for any of the Amouages that I own.

I would love to own a bottle of this but I can't exactly afford over $300 for this one. Yes, that's the right price but it is a 1.7 ounce spray bottle. The funny thing is that I don't often see extrait of anything over one ounce let alone a spray bottle. Guess it goes on the long burn list of the bottle worthy list.

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