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I am facing a shopping dilemma for my next perfume purchase. It is were am I going to get my next perfume. I have noticed that's prices are really no better than's. Not even with shipping. What I do really like with luckyscent is the 3 free sample deal with a full bottle perfume purchase. That allows me to try new perfumes that I normally wouldn't have remembered or even considered trying. What does draw me to Amazon is that I have a $25 gift certificate sitting in my account with nothing going on and what my American Express rewards points are saying. Ever since American Express teamed up with on using reward points to pay for purchases, it makes the temptation to buy a new perfume even worse, even though I am no closer to deciding which perfume I am going to get next. What I don't really like about luckyscent's sample program is that they don't give too many samples that are spray bottle samples. Dabbing a perfume on me does not give me a clear picture of the perfume in question. I just get a vague idea of what something smells like on my skin. I want a clear cut idea on what something smells like on my skin. I know one thing though, I am leaning to getting my next Amouage perfume from Amazon using my rewards and maybe a little later getting another, less expensive perfume from luckyscent. I am a perfume fanatic and love my perfumes where it is an obsession. But I choose my perfumes with a little more care now. The reason being is that I have bought perfumes that are going to sit around. I don't hate them but I am not wild enough about them to use them on a consistant basis to use up the bottle.

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