Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chanel Gardenia EDT review

Chanel's Gardenia EDT was one of the first perfumes that I had bought in the beginning stage of my perfume stage. This was the stage where I was buying perfumes left and right unsniffed solely based on reviews or just sounded interesting. Now, almost three years later and much wiser, I am much more cautious with my full bottle purchases and I have not sprung for a full bottle in 4 months. Enough about that and now onto the review.

Gardenia is part of Chanel's Les Exclusifs line and initially came in a huge 6.8 ounce bottle. I have that huge bottle and had gotten it before Chanel gave a choice of either a 6.8 ounce or 2.5 ounce bottle. Gardenia does smell like many other gardenia dominate perfumes out there. It is nicely done and very much in the Chanel way. I do find that Gardenia smells a little on the thin side and is weak on the depth side. In that respect, during those few weeks not too long ago, that it was 90 degrees out, I was slightly spraying with abandon. This version (EDT) is not overpowering and doesn't last on my skin. Gardenia only lasts about 3 or 4 hours on my skin before disappearing. It is nice for a decant to have for reference but I can't really seem myself buying another full bottle. I am debating if I should get a decant of the pure parfum version to compare the two or not.

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