Monday, August 22, 2011


I do enjoy online shopping very much for various reasons. But I've noticed some things with the Gap store online. Most of the time, I only get one or two shirts (favorite crewneck tees) at a time and it's usually when I get an e-mail of at least 25% or more. One thing that bothers me slightly is the $7.00 shipping unless you are buying $50 or more. Gas prices have gone up and that may account for some of it but Gap uses USPS to ship orders. Yes, Gap uses snail mail to ship stuff. I usually get the favorite tees to wear under my work shirt and when my shift is done, I take my work shirt off.

The second thing that bothers me is the selection of colors of said tees at There are only so many tees that I can own that are black, gray, white, and navy blue. Let's just say it can get old after a while. I'm one to sometimes want to wear a green, orange, yellow or purple shirt. Let's face it, there are those of us who live at least 25 minutes or more from the nearest Gap store or outlet store where can get tees in those colors.

The quality of Gap shirts no matter which one it is has gone down. The material of the shirts has gotten thinner and I want my shirts to last. The past couple times I have gotten shirts from Gap were thin and maybe lasted a cycle or two in the washer before they started to show wear and tear. It's those very little holes in the shirt from only one washing that bother me. I did not buy a shirt to be regulated to the whole just hanging around the house so I'm not so interested what I wear. I must clarify that sometimes some shirts are so thin that the color of my bra are showing and this is especially true of the lighter colored shirts. I'm not one that is fond of wearing camis or tank tops under tee shirts.

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