Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh Dear...Broken Decant

I have had a lot of great experiences with The Perfumed Court and always seem to overspend my perfume allowance there. But I must say that I am a little bummed out though. I came home from work today and opened my package from The Perfumed Court. What got my attention was the fact that my package was very fragrant. I've gotten some decants that gave off a slight amount of fragrance. I pulled out the order slip and became very suspicious. The vial was broken and the attar had leaked all over the inside of the package. Every package that I have received from them has always been very carefully packaged and this was no different. Right now, I am giving the USPS the side eye. I have sent the Perfumed Court an e-mail to let them know that my vial has arrived broken. I hope that I won't have to send back the vial. I'm going to see what happens now.

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