Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chanel no. 19 Poudre EDP Review

When I heard that Chanel was tweaking no. 19, I was slightly horrified like I was with no. 5 eau Premiere. While no. 5 eau Premiere turned out to be a lighter version of the no. 5 I know and love, but no. 19 Poudre is different. My slightly horrified feeling turned into full horror when I tried no. 19 Poudre. It smelled nothing like the no. 19 that I love. Poudre is nothing but powder, powder and more powder with iris laced through it. The no. 19 EDP is a very cold, green rose. It's like a leather corset. It's the type of perfume telling me this too, will pass when things get rough. No. 19 Poudre is a weak in the silage but has staying power. Will I get a bottle? Not in a million years. Will I get another decant? Definitely not. Poudre just turns my stomach in ways that are not good.

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