Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Perfume Sizes and Things I Have Learned

This thought struck me while I was Christmas shopping and looking at the perfume counters. For a purfumista, bigger is not always better in terms of perfume bottles. Before I was a perfumista, bigger was better since I didn't have the collection then that I do now. Thus far, I have accumulated 24 full bottles of perfume in regular rotation and 19 that I am looking at selling or giving away. Some of my full bottles are either 2.5 or 3.4 ounces that will take me a while to finish off. Writing that makes me a little ashamed to have to much perfume full bottle wise. It's always a fleeting feeling when I look at all of my perfume bottles and massive collection of decants. But I have come to prefer smaller bottles of perfume due to the sheer size of my already large collection and it it is easier on my pocketbook.

I have learned that I don't need the matching soap and lotion to some of my perfumes. I am not one of those folks who has one or two signature perfumes and that's it. I like to try out different things and the matching soap and body lotion to any perfume just sits around. Another thing that I have learned is that tastes do change. I used to have an immense dislike for Chanel no. 5 but fast forward to about a year ago, I love Chanel no. 5 and have it in parfum and eau de parfume form. It's alright to have one perfume in various concentrations, I'm looking at you Cuir de Russie and how you've driven me mad with need when you came out in parfum form until I actually bought that half ounce bottle. I have also learned that it's okay to hate a certian perfume after you have tried to love it no matter what concentration it is or vintage (Chanel no. 22). Once in a great while I can afford to get a bottle of Amouage but not on a regular basis or any bottle of expensive perfume.

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