Friday, January 13, 2012

Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte EDT Review

Chanel's no. 5 Eau Premiere did grow into love and did order a bottle. Along with my 2.5 ounce bottle of Eau Premiere, I received a sample of Cristalle Eau Verte EDT. I sprayed it on yesterday and right off the bat I got lemons, lemons and more lemons. More often than not, anything citrus makes me nauseous. But this was an exception, I didn't get that nauseated feeling but the citrus smelled a little bit chemically. After 20 minutes, I got a faint whiff of flowers. Within an hour of spraying it on, Cristalle Eau Verte dissapeared on me. I do own a couple of Chanel eau de toilettes and they don't dissapear on my skin within an hour. That is something that I don't associate with Chanel eau de toilettes. At the end of they day and three applications later, Cristalle Eau Verte is crisp and light. The kind of crisp and light that I associate with a starched and ironed white linen shirt. After wearing this, I cannot imagine owning a bottle of this. Sorry Chanel, this is the first scent from you that I didn't much care for.

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