Monday, January 30, 2012

Ginestet Botrytis EDT Review

Early in my perfumes days, I had received a sample of Ginestet Botryis when I had ordered Tocca's Guiletta. Before I knew it, I had used up my sample and paid a visit to the Perfumed Court for a decant. For the longest time, I kept forgetting to retry this perfume. Then I took a look at the bag of decants that I haven't even worn let alone reviewed. At first, I couldn't remember why I had bought a decant of Botrytis. Then it hit me, at the time I was going through a two week phase of trying out and wearing boozy perfumes.

Upon first application, Botrytis is a huge blast of booziness laced with a huge dose of honey. The huge blast of booziness reminded me of Frapin's 1270 and the honey reminded me of another one of Frapin's creations, 1697. After the initial blast, the booziness settles into the background but the strong note of honey remains. Some candied fruits do come out to play but I find them to be subdued by the honey. After about three hours wear, there is almost an overwhelming sweetness to this EDT that does become a little irritating to me. On a good day, Botrytis lasts about 5 hours on my skin but doesn't wear close to the skin.

At the end of the day, I cannot see myself shelling out $110 for 100ml. I do find that to be a bargain for a niche perfume but I've become more cautious when it comes to buying full bottles of perfume and I usually want less than 100ml.

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