Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lubin Idole Extreme Review

When I heard that Lubin had created an EDP version of Idole, I had to try it. Luckyscent was offering samples of it, but I wasn't interested in a dabber. I get a better feel for a perfume when I spray it on my skin. Dabbing perfume doesn't help me at all. After the Perfumed Court had spray decants of this, I ordered a decant. After two days of wearing Idole Extreme and one day of Idole EDP, there are a few differences. The Extreme version is a lot more peppery than the EDT version. That gives the Extreme more of an oriental feel to it. Idole Extreme has a little more depth than the EDT version along with being a little louder. After wearing both, I don't find them to be that different. I do find Idole Extreme to still be on the weak side with very little depth. I think that my nose has gotten accustomed to wearing Amouage's Epic for women though.

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